Saturday 11 Febuary, 6-10PM

11-18 February, Thursday-Saturday 4-7PM
/ or by appointment 017662629990

When SSMIDD and the Lan Hungh, both multipurpose artists, decide to collaborate on an art project, they adventure themselves on a terra incognita. The first time they experimented collaboration was in June 2008 in Berlin. Let’s burn 3D is the second part of the project. In this show, they set off a creative process confronting their mutual experiences in order to explore the limits of their creativity and imagination.

By investigating the space between past and present, original and copy, single and substitute, they propose interactive ways to open up new fields of consciousness. Where and when is reality ending and illusion beginning? How to define our own identity if not confronting it to others?  Is it possible not to get schizophrenic in a world in continuous acceleration of time and reduction of distance? How far does everyone else’s sight legitimate our existence as a human being?

SSMIDD and H. Lan’s installations are born from the interactive combination of all those interrogations. They refer to art history, especially the Nouvelle vague. By involving the spectator physically and emotionally in their project, both artists tend to encourage the hypertrophy of his senses and to play interactively with his limits. The installation will contain projection, 3D-videoobjects, image-objects and other three dimensional…

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room 1

ssmidd, der standard 3, 2012
modified found object, 350x350x175 mm

video projection:
ssmidd, trans-dimension ~un de chute~, 2011
lan hungh, let's burn, 2012 3D

 room 2

3D box, video box installation, two video sequences:
ssmidd, holographic dream sequence 001, 2012, 3,13 min
lan hungh, let's burn: porn mosaic, 2012
retouched found footage, about 2 min


ssmidd, indian holodeck I & indian holodeck II, 2012
mixed media, each 760x340 mm


lan hungh, Let's burn origami, 2012
paper, variable dimensions

lan hungh, let's burn soft roll, 2012
toilet paper, 250x370 mm